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Latest News
Awesome Fight Today Between Star and Zara
9/16/2010 4:39:07 PM

What a brutal cobra pin catfight we filmed today... Star took on Zara in this much anticipated clash of 2 very attractive, tough and competitive young women. They faced off with an air of distain and then fought over 7-rounds of 2-minutes. With the cobra rules they were alowed to punch and we have no doubt that both girls are nursing very painful ribs tonight! What a fight - brutal, hard punching and wrestling not far from full contact UFC style catfighting. A few sample pics here with the release scheduled soon!
Catz Club Cobra Pin Catfight 026 - Star v Zara Catz Club Cobra Pin Catfight 026 - Star v Zara Catz Club Cobra Pin Catfight 026 - Star v Zara
We hope you like?!

Chris, Berni & the Catz Club team!

How much news can one day bring?!
9/14/2010 4:14:49 PM

How much news have we got to report from today... wow!

1. New girl Kayla came for a tryout and after a lame 2-minute trial wanted to carry on, so we extended it into a full slap and pin catfight against Zara. The welts on Kayla's arms and legs bare witness that the further 5-rounds were far from lame!!!
Catz Club Catfight 024 - Kayla v Zara - Slap & Pin Catfight Catz Club Catfight 024 - Kayla v Zara - Slap & Pin Catfight Catz Club Catfight 024 - Kayla v Zara - Slap & Pin Catfight

2. New girl Sky came to tryout against Taz under full catfight rules. But seconds into the tryout, Sky astounded everyone including Taz and in doing so flattened Taz twisting her ankle by accident in the process! Taz therefore had to retire injured and we thought that was the end of the day...
Catz Club Catfighter Taz injured during Sky's catfight tryout Catz Club Catfighter Taz injured during Sky's catfight tryout Catz Club Catfighter Taz injured during Sky's catfight tryout

3. But Zara stepped up and offered Sky a cobra pin catfight trial. Giving away a lot of weight we were worried Zara would get hurt but far from it. Sky was amazing, but Zara was quite extrordinary! This trial was brutal and at the end both girls wanted more... so it turned into a full cobra pin fight, ending only when one girl was exhausted to the point of near collapse. However, both girls have vowed to go at each other again.
Catz Club Catfight 025 - Sky v Zara - Cobra Pin Catfight Catz Club Catfight 025 - Sky v Zara - Cobra Pin CatfightCatz Club Catfight 025 - Sky v Zara - Cobra Pin Catfight

We are burning the midnight oil editing all the footage and deciding how best to release it all given the results of the poll about site format changes... However it ends up, we guarantee that you won't be disappointed by these new girls and great fights!

Chris, Berni & the Catz Club team!

We are now on Facebook!
9/12/2010 5:10:51 AM

We have finally joined the Facebook phemomena... and have our own official Catz Club UK page. Please feel free to visit us, like us here:

Catz Club UK Facebook Page


Chris, Berni & the Catz Club team!

Mixed Sessions Available
9/11/2010 4:00:29 PM

We have always offered mixed wrestling sessions but have now added a specialist page dedicated to these mixed sessions which hopefully will give you a better idea of what we can do, where, when and for how much! There is also an easy to use enquiry form on the page too which should limit the number of emails it takes to get a price or set up a session.

The mixed sessions page can be found by using the links at the top of the page!

We hope you like and we look forward to seeing some of you here for sessions soon!

Chris, Berni & the Catz Club team!

We would like your feedback please...
9/11/2010 4:08:14 AM
We are now in a position to film a lot of fights of various styles - wrestling, catfighting, slap-and-pin fights, cobra-pin catfights and ultimate catfights. In fact, we have loads of girls waiting to fight!

Rather than release each of these fights as pay-per-view downloads we are considering turning the site into a membership site. This would mean you pay 9.99 for 21-days unlimited access to all of our fights, both past, present and future. We would also guarantee at least 3 BRAND NEW FIGHTS (if not more) in every subscription period.

Is this a good idea? Would you like the site to be a membership site or remain as a pay-per-view site?

Please vote on the Welcome Page to help us make the decision and also post any thoughts or comments on changes via this page or the forum for more personalised comments.

Thanks for your help...

Chris, Berni & the Catz Club team!
Payment Glitch Fixed
9/11/2010 3:19:07 AM

Just quick news about a payment glitch that we have now been able to resolve.

Those of you who bought Catz Club Cobra Catfight 022 were rebilled after 5-days in error. We feel that the rebilling may have also put some of you off buying the title in the first place.

The rebilling was an error in the payment coding and not intentional - and we apologise for this error on our part.

We have however now resolved things... All customers who were rebilled in error have been refunded, and the title is now available for a one time charge as normal.

Once again, apologies for any inconvenience but rest assured this won't happen again!

Chris, Berni & the Catz Club team!

Rematch Grudge Fight Between Zara and BB was a cracker!
9/9/2010 5:31:46 AM
Zara and BB re-met in the ring yesterday for their rematch. Both girls wanted another shot at each other after last week's meeting.

With added wrestling training the girls went at each other harder than ever - heavy hitting punches, big falls and painful wrestling holds made this a re-match to behold. More news, pictures and sample clip coming soon!

Catfighter BB from www,catzclub.co.uk Catfighter Zara from www.catzclub.co.uk
Cobra Pin Catfight 022 Released - Zara v BB
9/1/2010 4:42:53 PM

We are delighted to release the Zara v BB Cobra Pin Catfight. There is a full review, free sample clip and loads more pictures in the Catfight Reviews section of this site... but to wet your appetite here's a quick teaser picture...

We hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing your comments via the Forum or comments on this news page :-)

Chris, Berni & the www.catzclub.co.uk team!

More New Girls...
8/26/2010 4:20:29 PM

25th August saw a chaotic morning of tryouts... 4 girls came to tryout along with a couple of friends for moral support.

One of the girls took one look at the ring and decided it wasn't for her - which as ever, we completely respected. The other 3 however, got in the ring and proved to have the bitchy catfighting agression that the Catz Club is known for. After their tryouts however, one decided she didn;t want to come back, so that left us with 2 great new girls!

And then, one of the friends who came along for moral support wanted to get in the ring... and did! And what a brilliant find he proved to be... no pictures of her yet, but initial pofile pictures of the 2 new girls are now on the Welcome Page.

By the end of the morning we have acquired 3 new girls - all of which will be back next week for full fights! We can't wait!!! 

What a day - New Girls & New Style Of Fight!
8/24/2010 1:10:04 PM
Wow... what a day, the Catz Club is thoroughly back in business!

2 great new girls, Zara and BB came for a tryout in a new style of catfight - a cobra pin catfight. This allowed them to punch each other while standing, grapple each other to the floor and keep punching on the ground to obtain a submission or pin.

This was scheduled for a 2-minute tryout but in the event, both girls wanted more of each other, so the tryout escalated into 5 full rounds of punching, grappling catfight action.

Pictures and sample clips very soon... and more girls trying out tomorrow... watch this space!!!
Taz v Louise Rematch Scheduled For Tuesday Next Week!
3/31/2010 12:46:21 AM

The much anticipated Taz v Louise re-match is set to take place on Tuesday morning next week. These two met recently and the fight was stopped on medical grounds... they both want to settle the score and have agreed on new rules...
 Catz Club Catfighter LouiseCatz Club Catfighter Taz

The two girls will fight it out over 5-rounds of 2-minutes.

No hair-pulling will be allowed, but rather the fight will be a grapple, slap and pin match.

The winner will be decided by the most submissions and/or pins. Allowed pins are only schoolgirl, smother and matchbook... so it should be an interesting, even and brutal contest!

If you would like to attend the fight live, please get in touch via the Contact Us page of the website.

Ruby v Lush Released!
3/16/2010 7:01:09 AM

We have today released Catfight 020 - Ruby v Lush! 7 rounds of wild catfighting action... Check out the full review, get free pics a free sample clip and buy the DVD or Download at the review page.

Taz v Louise Stopped After 2-Rounds On Medical Grounds
3/11/2010 5:58:06 AM

Oh my god!... what a catfight we have just experienced... Taz v Louise was so violent the catfight was stopped after 2-rounds on medical grounds... Louise having a gash to her head and Taz with a deep scratch to her neck.

Catfighter Louise Cuts Her Head Fighting Taz Catfighter Taz Scratches Her Neck Against Louise

This goes down as a Catz Club classic... although it lasted only 2-rounds (4-minutes of catfighting) - it was brutal to the core... we will release it next week for download and on DVD and it is a must-see catfight!

Taz To Catfight Louise Tomorrow
3/10/2010 2:46:18 PM

Louise returns to the Catz Club after a 5-year break to catfight Taz in a swimsuit catfight tomorrow (Thursday) morning...

Taz                                                                           Louise
Catfighter Taz versus Catfighter Louise

Who do you think will win???

Ruby v Lush - What A Catfight!
3/7/2010 12:46:19 PM
Today it happened... the Ruby v Lush catfight... and we are still clearing up hair!

Catfightfighter Lush Loses A Lot Of Hair Against Catfighter Ruby at the Catz Club!This picture was taken 5-minutes after the fight between Lush and Ruby. It was both girls' first catfight and what a catfight it proved to be.

Both girls went the distance over 7-rounds of hairpulling and slapping action... and they were both desperate to win.

Lush (as you can see left) lost a hell of a lot of hair during the fight, but this didn't put her off... slapping hard and even landing a vicious slap right across Ruby's face.

We are hoping to geta  full fight review and sample clip up online in the next few days... Watch this space for more news...

Who do you think won? Post your comments here!
Catfighter Louise Is Back!
3/4/2010 4:02:46 PM
It has been a few years, bu Catfighter Louise, star of Catfight Games 009 and Catfights 011 & 014 is back...
Catz Club Catfighter Louise
Louise has challenged Taz to a catfight - which all being well will be happening in the next 2-weeks at the Catz Club! Watch this page for the latest news!
Ruby to Catfight Lush
3/4/2010 6:22:54 AM

We have today confirmed that Ruby will take on Lush in a catfight at the Catz Club on Sunday 7th March 2010...

Catfighter Lush from the Catz Club

Catfighter Ruby from the Catz Club

These two ladies have not had a full catfight before, Ruby has had a try-out against Star and Lush has competed in grappling matches before, but this will be the girls' first full catfight. Slapping, hair-pulling, verbal insults, mauling over 7-rounds of bikini catfight action.

Who do you think will win??? Post here and share your thoughts!


New catfighter Minx joins the Club
2/25/2010 2:57:17 PM

Thursday night saw another lady try out to join the Catz Club... and what a find. Minx is a mature lady with a great body and a fighting attitude that some of the younger girls will struggle to cope with. What a find!!! You will be able to see Minx in catfighting action in the next couple of weeks... watch this space!

Catfighter Minx © www.CatzClub.co.uk

New Catfighters Ruby & Taz join the Club
2/18/2010 2:26:11 PM
Tuesday night saw two new girls try out to join the Catz Club.
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