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Latest News
Wildcatz™ 052 Released! Lucy Chaos v Miss Jessica Jones
6/27/2013 5:56:43 AM
Wildcatz™ 052 - Lucy Choas v Miss Jessica Jones from www.catzclub.co.ukTwo beautiful ladies who know how to wrestle. Two beautiful ladies who have an inner bitch that comes flying out when in the ring...

Lucy Chaos v Miss Jessica Jones

Brilliant tehnical skill and bitchy catfighting combine in this 7-round Wildcatz™ bout that ends with a clear winner.

It's all smiles in the interviews, but when it comes to the action both fighters are in it to win it with absolutely no love lost!

There's a full Wildcatz™ fight review, loads of free pictures and a free sample clip online here now. The full 7-round fight that runs to over 25-minutes is available for immediate download for just £7.99!

Wildcatz™ 051 - Bubbles v Miss Jessica Jones Released!
6/20/2013 8:43:52 AM
Wildcatz™ Wrestling Catfight 051 - Bubbles v Miss Jessica Jones from www.catzclub.co.ukThe latest release from Wildcatz™ sees Bubbles takes on Miss Jessica Jones over 7-rounds of intense Wildcatz™ action.

Brilliant technical skill combine with bitchy catfighting make this a Wildcatz™ bout that is sure to please!

There are loads of free pictures, a full fight review and a free sample clip online now here.

The full 7-rounds Wildcatz™ Wrestling Catfight runs to over 22-minutes and is available for just £7.99 for immediate download!

Our 50th Release! Wildcatz™ Wrestling Catfight 050 - Storm v Tiger now available!
6/11/2013 7:13:12 AM
Wildcatz™ Wrestling Catfight 050 - Storm v Tiger from www.catzclub.co.ukWe are delighted to announce our 50th release! A brilliant Wildcatz™ wrestling catfight between core stars, Storm & Tiger.

These two fighters came to the bout with very different styles and it took a while for them to size each other up during a tactical and cagey opening.

Once they had established their credentials both fighters went wild as the fight drew to a conclusion... both of them desperate to obtain a submission from their opponent!

A full 7-rounds of Wildcatz™ wrestling catfighting - loads of free pictures, free sample clip and the full download is now available HERE for just £7.99.

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