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Latest News
Wildcatz™ 054 Released! Lucy Chaos v Storm
7/22/2013 6:31:01 AM
Wildcatz™ 054 - Lucy Chaos v Storm from www.catzclub.co.ukVoted in a recent poll as the two most beautiful ladies ever to grace the Catz Club ring, Lucy Chaos and Storm face off over 7-rounds.

What follows is some of the most fast-paced action, best skill and truely bitchy catfighting yet seen from Wildcatz™.

All friendship is abandoned as the bout swings back and forth to the very end... all in all a genuinely brilliant Wildcatz™ wrestling catfight bout!

There is a full fight review, loads of free pictures and a free sample clip online now! The full fight is available for immediate download for just £7.99! Click here to see more now!!!

Wildcatz™ 052 Released! Breeze v Tiger
7/9/2013 7:55:18 AM
Wildcatz™ Wrestling Catfight 053 - Breeze v Tiger from www.catzclub.co.ukThis most unusual bout came as a result of Tiger challenging Breeze to a fight. Many thought she was crazy but Tiger is one tough Wildcatz™ fighter and certainly proved it here!

Despite giving away significant height and weight to the Amazonian Breeze, Tiger fought well as Breeze exhibited a Wildcatz™ masterclass that demonstrates every skill - both wrestling and catfighting - in the book!

An epic battle that has to be seen to be appreciated as it goes the full 7-rounds!

There's loads of free pictures, a free sample clip and a full Wildcatz™ fight review online here now.

The full fight is available for immediate download - running time over 25-minutes - for just £7.99!

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