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Mixed Sessions

Here at the Catz Club we are pleased to be able to offer live mixed wrestling sessions with a few of our feisty yet friendly ladies.

Catz Club Mixed Wrestlers - Flame, Penny, Breeze & Gigi

We have a great new venue located in Nottingham City Centre, and easily accessible from right across the country. We have a permanent wrestling ring set up. This is ideal for competitive and semi-competitive sessions. Additionally, for fantasy and domination wrestling sessions we have a very discreet large matted area. So whether you are looking for mixed wrestling in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, the East Midlands or the Midlands as a whole, you are unlikely to be disappointed!

At present we can offer live sessions with SIX of our feisty friendly catfighters - all of whom are trained, skilled wrestlers and also offer fantasy wrestling, domination wrestling, beat down sessions, trampling and mud wrestling as well as fully competitive mixed wrestling (see their indvidual pages to see the types of session that each girl offers).

Catz Club Mixed Wrestler Flame
Age = 20
Height = 5'1"
Weight = 9st 7lbs
Size = 10
Bust = 32F
Catz Club Mixed Wrestler Penny
Age = 19
Height = 5'7"
Weight = 8st
Size = 6/8
Bust = 30C
Catz Club Mixed Wrestler Breeze
Age = 26
Height = 6'0"
Weight = 11st 6lbs
Size = 10/12
Bust = 34B
Catz Club Mixed Wrestler Gigi
Age = 21
Height = 5'3"
Weight = 8st 8lbs
Size = 8
Bust = 32D

Catz Club Catfighter Hollie
Age = 21
Height = 5'3"
Weight = 8st 8lbs
Size = 8
Bust = 32D

Catz Club Catfighter & Mixed Wrestler Star
Age = 29
Height = 5'8"
Weight = 11st
Size = 12
Bust = 36C

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We are able to offer mixed wrestling sessions with Flame, Penny, Breeze, Gigi, Hollie & Star  as a 1-on-1 or 2, 3 or even 5 or 6-girl sessions!

All girls offer either competitive, semi-competitive, fantasy or domination wrestling. Some also offer beat down session, trampling and more.
See the individual profiles (links to left of page) for full details about what's available!

We can tailor the session to what you want on the strict understanding that nothing sexual is considered. Whilst the girls will happily smack your arse (if you want!), they won't offer relief or other sexual services. We do sexy, but not sexual!

The girls are flexible on what you would like them to wear for the session  - so please ask and we will give you an honest answer as to what is and isn't possible. All our girls have slightly different levels of comfort and limits, so if you are happy to have a session with any of them, please let us know and we will always offer you the lady that is best suited to your chosen session. Have a good look at the individual profiles to give you a good indication of what each of the girls offer!

Timing is very flexible too - with enough notice virtually no day or time is impossible. Equally, we may be able to arrange sessions at short notice depending on availability and other commitments. As a general rule of thumb, with a week's notice we can usually accomodate your session, but often we can do things with as little as 24-hours notice.

You can have a private match just with a chaperone present, or a videoed session – entirely your choice. The video would be for your sole private use and made available 1-week after the session. There is a small surcharge for the video and is an optional extra rather than standard.

We insist on a chaperone who doesn't interfere in sessions unless expressly asked to do so. The reason we have a chaperone is both for the girls AND your safety. A chaperone ensures that all agreed limits are stuck to, acts as referee in competitive sessions, and is fully trained in the event of accidental injury.

We hold £5M public liability insurance, ensuring you that we are a 100% legitimate and professional company. We don't hold sessions in a spare room, lounge or barn! We have been in the business over 12-years and our longevity is testament to our professionalism.

Costs for sessions start at £125 and go upwards from there. As we tailor every session to your unique wishes it is impossible to give any more general pricing information initially. Simply tell us what you would like, who with, when and wearing what and we can get a quote back to you - usually, within 48-hours.

We offer very friendly and approachable mixed wrestling sessions with hot drinks, changing and shower facilities part of the package as standard.

If you are coming via bus, train or plane from outside of town, we can always offer return transport from the station/airport at rates approximately half of what a taxi would cost, and with the added opportunity that you can meet us on route!

If you are interested in a mixed wrestling session please initially use the form below to enquire, or if your enquiry isn't covered by the form, please contact us.

Mixed Session Enquiry Form
Name  *
Email  *
Which girl would you like a session with? (Or two or more?!)
What style of session would you like? (More info the better!)
What would you like the girl to wear for the session?
What would you wear for the session?
Do you have any dates/times in mind? If so, when?
Would you like the session in the ring or on mats? Or do you not mind?
Do you want your session recorded and supplied on DVD?
Will you require station/airport transport? If yes, from where?
Any other comments/questions?
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